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What Are Instagram Impressions? And How You Can Improve Them 

What Are Instagram Impressions? And How You Can Improve Them

If you are using Instagram to promote your brand or business to billions of active social media users, you might come across several metrics such as reach, impression, and engagement rate. In this article, we’ll look into the ins and outs of gaining Instagram impressions and how you can create content to boost impressions. 

What Are Instagram Impressions?

The Instagram impression is the number of times your posts, videos, and story are displayed to users. Impressions are measured by the potential views your content has received. It doesn’t calculate unique viewers, just viewers. So if the same person watches your video twice, that’s calculated as two impressions. 

Why are Instagram Impressions Important?

 Impressions is one of the valuable metrics that can help you to measure your brand awareness by tracking how many times users see your post and videos. Instagram impressions are the perfect way to expand your brand reach among a wider audience. The more times a user watches your post or ads, the more the audience will recognize your business and the product or services you offer. 

Keeping an eye on the impression helps you to calculate how many times an audience sees your post, compare it to your sales, and determine the overall success of your Instagram campaign. 

If you receive a high number of Instagram post impressions but lower clicks and conversions, this indicates that your content could appear too frequently, or it doesn’t display to the right audience. 

Instagram Reach VS Instagram Impression

While Instagram reach and impression might sound like same, they are two different metrics on Instagram. Here are some key differences between Instagram reach and impression:

Instagram Reach

Instagram reach calculates the total number of unique people who have seen your posts or ads. It measures how many individuals watch your content, not the total number of times they see it. In addition, each can help you to see how many new users watch your content. 

Instagram Impression

On the other hand, Instagram impressions help you to measure the total number of times your posts and ads have been seen on the platform. Impression on Instagram doesn’t count unique users into account, so this metric counts each time when your videos are displayed on the screen, even if your videos are viewed multiple times by the same user on Instagram. 

How To Increase Impression On Instagram

The essential key to improving your impression on Instagram is ensuring that your content reaches the right audience interested in your brand or services. The high number of impressions has to lead to more engagement with your posts and ads. Nowadays, many brands and businesses are looking to increase their brand awareness, drive website traffic and lead to more sales conversion. 

#1: Focus On Audience Targeting Feature

The Instagram targeting feature helps the user ensure that their post and advertisements reach the platform’s right audience. Instagrammers will likely view and engage with your content when they watch content that resonates with their needs and interests. You can use the audience targeting option on Instagram to target users based on the following demographics

Using these options, you can create posts that display for specific consumers on Instagram. 

#2: Discover The Best Time To Post

Use Instagram insights to check your audience’s most active time on Instagram. And share posts at the peak time to grab the user’s attention and increase the post impression on the platform. Posting at peak times can make it easy for users find your content in their Instagram feed, improving your Instagram reach and impression instantly. 

#3: Experiment with hashtags

Adding hashtags to your content is an excellent way to get your content in front of millions of users on Instagram. When you use a hashtag, it will display in the user’s feeds or appear when a user searches for a specific hashtag. In addition, using the popular and trending hashtags related to your business will make your content viral on the platform. 

Final Thoughts

Creating authentic content with music, effects, and filters is the most effective way to improve your impression and video engagement rate. However, it is essential to track the Instagram analytics to measure your post performance and ensure your business result. 

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